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Our Team



Chief Technician

He is also the founder of Camera Repair Establishment  and our chief technician with an experience of more than 30 years. He has worked on the world's most renowned cameras and has been trained in Sweden by the Hasselblad technicians. 

He has an experience of more than 30+ years and has repaired almost 3,00,000 cameras and lenses. He started his camera repair business in Dubai.

He believes in a perfect job. Is meticulous in his work. The staff jokes about his work as being so perfect that his repairs are even better than the original work.

Senior Technician




Fahim has been trained under the guidance of Rashid Hakim. 


He too has an eye for details which is his biggest assest in fault finding for repair and the repair being done in perfect precision.


His love and passion for this job is unsurpassed. He cannot imagine himself in any other role other than this. That works out best in the light of our company and for the customers to have him around.

Admin Manager


She has been with the company since its inception. She takes care of all the minor details of the company.

In case you have any suggestions or any complaints she will be most happy to sort out your problems.

You can write to her on:

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